Personalized programs
including Lodging

"In the spot where it stood, with the land sloping upwards behind it to the north-east, our new home received the benefit of the summer sun till well on in the afternoon. Then the sheltering hill at the back cast its heavy shadows over the place, and the hills and woods across the harbor would stand out with marvelous clearness as daylight faded. This was the hour when Father and Mother, arm in arm, would take their evening stroll, until the dusk crept over the land and the air grew chilly. Then it was that the reflection of the hills on the calm, darkening water made a picture of peace beyond my power to describe."

E. Lucas Bridges, 1948. Uttermost Part of the Earth. Hodder & Stoughton, London. p. 146

The true secrets of the history of Tierra del Fuego, the charm of orange sunrises, getting lost in the tranquility and colors of nature, hikes and conversations with the descendants of the founder of the Estancia.

It is only the beginning of the long list of enchantments that you will discover in our custom-made programs which include lodging.

If you are looking to disconnect from routine, stress and the speed of the city life and experience life on a traditional Patagonian Estancia, you will be happy to know that we have four different programs, and four cabins that you can combine in the way that most suits your desires and needs.

Personalized Programs

- B&B (Bed and Breakfast)

- Half Board

- Full Board

- All Inclusive

Paisaje con una turbera en primer plano y montañas nevadas en el fondo.

Lodging options

- Uribe´s House (Former Foreman´s House)

Two double bedrooms and one single. Shared bathroom. Wood heating in the central hall. Kitchen at your disposal.

- Nail´s House (Former Shepherd´s House)

Two triple rooms with private bathroom and gas heating in each room. Shared kitchenette.

- Minnie May´s House

Private house with two double bedrooms, living-dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Wood heating.

- Yekadahby´s House

Private house with two double bedrooms, living-dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Wood heating.

Casa principal original de la Estancia Harberton, iluminada por el atardecer.

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